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Happy Coincidence!

This has been a particularly good Christmas.  What made it good was the wonderful coincidences that appeared.  I’ve read before that if you don’t think God speaks to you or tries to guide your actions, you should start keeping a log of your coincidences.  I did this for several years.  What I noticed was that I could read through my entries and often a clear pattern would begin to emerge.  What eventually ended my compulsion to write them down was that everything began to seem coincidental.  Of course, when you find yourself having conversations with red street lights, you do begin to wonder about your sanity at bit…  But in my defense, I do get significantly more green lights when I’m expressing a lot of gratitude!  I take my incentive where I can find it.

Chesapeake 2This year for Christmas, we had decided against making plans to get a cabin.  We love visiting State Parks, but Christmas is notorious for its nasty weather, so we decided we’d just plan on a day hike sometime over the weekend and stay more flexible.  The weather was supposed to stay in the 60’s until Christmas Day, and with four glorious days off in a row, this gave us lots of options.  Then a week before, my sister called and wanted to come visit — a couple days BEFORE Christmas!  It is rare that the timing works so perfectly that both Steve and I have off when someone wants to visit, so we were thrilled by the timing.  They drove out of a blizzard’s aftermath in Iowa, and were greeted by 60 degree weather here.  Their visit also gave us an excuse to eat out (and avoid doing dishes!  My husband particularly liked that part), and go see the lights at Chesapeake Energy and the Myriad Gardens, and the beautiful ornament displays in the new Devon building.

Devon Pine ConesChristmas Day a blizzard was supposed to hit us, but Oklahoma weathermen tend to be of the overly exciteable ilk, and what is predicted to be 4-8 inches of snow has a tendency to become a dusting to 1/4 inch.  This was no exception.  The result of all the hoopla was that we just stayed home, read, watched a movie, and basically tried to veg out before having to return to work.  Then, around 5pm, just as Christmas dinner was about ready, my neighbor called and wanted to bring his wonderful Chex mix (secret recipe!).  Thanks to Steve’s wonderful “Hospitality Gene,” our neighbor ended up joining us for dinner, providing the dessert, and giving me an excuse to open the wine I bought (what are neighbors for?!).  He seemed as thrilled as we were to be able to share Christmas dinner with friends.  Devon 2

All of this is to say that when your life is going right, you should experience a fair amount of “flow.”  All I know is that we went to a Christmas Eve service last night, and all through the service and especially during communion, I kept breaking into a big grin and feeling so incredibly grateful for what a good year 2012 has been!  I’m grateful for my health and my hair, for labyrinth walks and the energy work that’s helped me get unstuck and more forward, for SpaceClear and the sources that are helping me simplify my life and declutter my house, my time, and my thoughts.  I’m grateful for Steve, and I’m grateful for all the friends who have encouraged me to keep writing.  And yes, we got a LOT of green lights on the drive home!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and may you each be blessed with a wonderful New Year.  Keep Smiling!



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