It’s easy to get stuck in a rut.  I’ve been a research scientist and a librarian, believing I had to have a degree to match the job.  Then on June 7, 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer.  I quickly realized this was not a physical challenge I was dealing with.  It was spiritual.  I realized I needed to get out of my rut.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed, so I stayed open.  I listened.  I dove deeper into A Course In Miracles, and I continued journaling.  In order to keep people informed of my progress and experiences, I began writing weekly email  updates.  These not only provided me with much needed support, but proved to be healing.  As my body healed, the content changed.  It went from funny to philosophical.  When treatment ended, I was encouraged to keep writing because “Your posts help people.”  This blog is a continuation of that process.

Thank you for joining me.  May we both stay Open to the Possibility.



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