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Intentions (or how I had an interesting day)

Life is looking rosy.

Life is looking rosy.

I had an interesting experience today.  For the first time in months, I decided to set an intention.  I rarely remember to set intentions, but when I did it regularly, was usually pleased with the outcome.  With a smile, I decided I wanted to have a good day.  Today, Saturday, I had to work at the library.  I was scheduled to be on the desk in the afternoon, the busiest time, so things can get hectic, but the woman I was scheduled to work with is a good team player, so I wasn’t worried.  The best part was a journal writing workshop I wanted to attend was on the schedule in the morning, and my afternoon desk time left me free to go.  It also meant that the two co-workers who are less than stellar team players, shall we say, would work together.  So sitting in my car, setting my intention, I was feeling pretty good about my chances of having a good day.

Of course, that’s when things started to get ugly.  You guessed it: the schedule was wrong.

In the depths of winter there was within me an invincible summer.  Camus

In the depths of winter there was within me
an invincible summer.   Albert Camus

To begin with, the workshop was in the afternoon.  This meant that my desk buddy had to work the morning shift, since she was in charge of the programming and had to attend.  This also meant I would be scheduled on the desk during the workshop, so wouldn’t get to attend.  And due to limited staff on Saturdays, left me to work the busy afternoon with one of the less than stellar team players who a) hates me and b) hates working afternoons (stomping and pouting are involved — for both!).

WAIT.  What just happened here?  Didn’t I JUST set an intention to have a good day?  How could it crash so spectacularly so quickly?

That’s when it hit me:  I have a choice.  I could base my attitude about the quality of my day on the external circumstances that were shaping up to make me less than happy, or I could simply decide to go ahead and have a good day, hit the “Oh well…” button, and just roll with it.  It was also not lost on me that the Universe has an interesting sense of humor (to say the least) and was offering me this little “opportunity” as a “gift.”  (It is at this point that thoughts of “Oh, you shouldn’t have…” float through my head!)

Blooming all over.

Blooming all over.

In the end, the day was OK.  Maybe not perfect, but OK.   I got a handout from the workshop with lots of good information on it, and the afternoon passed quickly.   If something started to irritate me, I’d remember my choice and the gift that went with it.  I’d smile to myself, hit the “Oh well” button again, and watch the irritation roll away.

So, if you end up reading this on Monday morning, I wish you a good day and a good week.  And don’t forget to hit the “Oh well” button!

Keep Smiling!



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