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How to Furnish a Home

How to Furnish a Home

As someone has said, “Thoughts are things,” and the atmosphere of every home depends on the kind of thoughts each member of that home is thinking.

 I wish this was mine!

I wish this was mine!

We all know there is a spirit in every home, a sort of composite spirit composed of the thoughts and feelings of the members of the family as a composite photograph is formed of the features of different individuals.  This spirit meets us at the door as we enter the home.  Sometimes it is a friendly, hospitable spirit, and sometimes it is cold and forbidding.

….for a good laugh overcomes more difficulties and dissipates more dark clouds than any other temper.

written by Laura Engels Wilder, November 1917

Loved this quote.  When I was looking for a house, I started out looking and learning about the layout and architecture, features I had to have, etc, but eventually I learned to listen for the feel of a house.  I knew immediately upon walking in whether a house had been a rental by the cold, impersonal feel it had.  I waited until I found a house where people had been happy.  It felt warm, content, welcoming.

May all our homes be warm and welcoming and full of laughter for the coming year.  Just keep smiling!



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