One Year Later…

This last Saturday, Dec. 8, was the one year anniversary of the end of my chemo treatment.  I felt that this was cause to celebrate (again), so the plan was to head to the beautiful Wichita Mountains and spend the day hiking.  The Wichita’s always remind me of a big kid’s handiwork with PlayDough:  big lumps of rock are smashed together to form a small mountainous area.  In that part of the country, the land is pretty flat, so you can see the mountains from quite a way.  Well, normally you can see the mountains from a long way off.  Saturday all we could see was fog.

The prediction for the day was 66 degrees and partly cloudy.  Perfect.  Oklahoma City was solidly overcast, but the Wichita’s are 1.5 hours south, and usually much warmer, so I hoped the clouds would burn off.  But not on Saturday.  The whole wildlife refuge, where the mountains are located, was socked in by heavy fog.  Fog creates a magical atmosphere.  Castles and dragons lurk at the edges creating a mystery of the unknown.  There’s a soothing hush hiking in the woods in a heavy fog.  The temperature never made it out of the mid-50’s, so it was a little brisk, but I still loved it.

Main Street, Medicine Park, OK

We hiked for a while, but then headed into Medicine Park to get something to eat.  Apparently, Medicine Park has become THE fashionable place to live — there were lots of new houses going up everywhere.  These are shots of the main street, with their wonderful little cobblestone buildings.

Main Street, Medicine Park, OK (2)

The town is so cute, they even have a library!

Lending Library, Medicine Park, OK

As for me, in the last year I have gotten a lot of my energy back and am now able to walk a couple miles without getting tired.  In fact, Steve and I have already signed up for the OKC Memorial Marathon, which will be April 28, 2013, so we’ll have to start training for longer and longer distances.  We’ll mostly walk it, but Steve isn’t content to just try and beat our previous time.  He thinks we need to run part of it too!  I also am grateful to have my hair back.  I’ve been keeping it short (SO much easier to care for!), and it is slowly remembering that it is supposed to be light brown and not gray and dark brown (where did that come from?!).  I’ve kept most of the weight off that I lost, though keeping it off is another motivation for doing a marathon.  I loved being in really good shape!

The lasting gift of a cancer diagnosis is reminding myself that while I can’t control what happens in life, I do have some control over my reaction.  I’ve realized that part of surviving an unpleasant situation is focusing on what you enjoy in other areas of your life.  I’m decluttering all aspects of my life in an effort to reconnect with that joy.  Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

Have a great week, and Keep Smiling!


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  1. JC

    Shades of Eureka Springs and Mount Nebo rolled into one… including the fog! Sounds like a perfect weekend outing.

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